Three Joint Symposium will be held during the conference;

JST Joint Symposium:
New Trends in Optical Frequency Comb Metrology

Symposium Organizers:

Takeshi Yasui (Tokushima University, Japan)
Kaoru Minoshima (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
JST ERATO Intelligent Optical Synthesizer (IOS)

It has been about two decades since the optical frequency comb (OFC) was invented. Recent technology progress enables us to generate OFC in broad spectrum region from extreme-ultraviolet to terahertz by use of mode-locked laser, modulator-based comb, micro-cavity comb, and quantum cascade laser, together with nonlinear optical techniques. Moreover, dual comb technique provides a powerful way to handle the mode-resolved spectrum of OFC with the amplitude and phase in the rapid, precise, and accurate manner. Based on such significant progresses of the OFC technology, various science and technology fields are triggered and explored by use of the full properties of the optical waves with an extreme accuracy and dynamic range. In this symposium, new trends in OFC technology will be reviewed from the viewpoint of optical metrology. To overview a broad potential of OFC in optical metrology, the scope of this symposium includes OFC sources, metrology and instrumentation, and a various applications. This symposium, co-organized with JST ERATO Intelligent Optical Synthesizer (IOS) Project, will lead to the international expansion of the research on optical frequency comb metrology.

Invited Speakers

SLM Joint Symposium:
Optical Microscopy Beyond The Limit

Symposium Organizers

Katsumasa Fujita (Osaka University, Japan)
Taro Ichimura (RIKEN, Japan)
Yoshinori Harada (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan)
Masahito Yamanaka (Nagoya University, Japan)
Satoshi Nishimura (Jichi Medical University , Japan)
Japan Society for Laser Microscopy

This symposium will be co-organized with Japan Society for Laser Microscopy (SLM) to discuss the rapid advancement in super-resolution optical microscopy including PALM, STORM, STED, ISM and other types of nonlinear imaging techniques, and related techniques, such as adaptive optics, probe development, signal/image processing, and applications.
The symposium will start with the keynote lecture by Prof. Colin Sheppard, and invited and contributed talks that are related to super-resolution microscopy will be chosen for the symposium to stimulate the discussion on this topic. We are also expecting the exchange between the ICO participants and the SLM members for the further advancement of the field.

Keynote Speaker

Invited Speakers

OSA Joint Symposium:
Integrated Silicon Photonics –Their Progress and Applications–

Symposium Organizers

Yoshiaki Nakano (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Kensuke Ogawa (Fujikura, Japan)
OSA Integrated Optics TG (PITG)

In the last decade after the advent of silicon photonics, significant progress has been made in large-scale photonic-electronic integration in small-footprint silicon chips. The groundbreaking platform for the versatile design and fabrication of photonic integrated circuits, which has been refined along with the evolution of CMOS technology of the nanometer-scale nodes, has brought the revolution of photonic-electronic integration of the devices in an extensive range of applications to our photonics community. In the technological arena such as datacom photonics, large-scale photonic-electronic integration has produced single-chip energy-efficient optical transceivers in ultrahigh-capacity optical interconnects for exascale computing and datacenters. In the other technological fields such as optical sensing and ranging, the feature of small-footprint photonic-electronic integration allows ultrasmall-form-factor equipment for optical sensing and image recognition in the emerging applications such as autonomous vehicle-driving systems and wearable virtual-reality appliances. This symposium focuses on key topics on the latest progress of integrated silicon photonics with in-depth discussion on future prospects of integrated silicon photonics in the light of advanced applications. This symposium is co-organized with OSA integrated optics technical group.

Invited Speakers